Message of President

Dr Padmaja Uday Kumar

Dr Padmaja Uday Kumar President


Dear colleagues

Irrespective of the specialisation a doctor perceives, knowledge of drugs is paramount to one’s clinical practice. However, the place of pharmacology today does not reflect the fact. We should confess that we have largely been responsible for the same.  As it is said ‘better late than never’, this venture of uniting the fellow pharmacologists together from across the country will yield rich dividends for the speciality. 

I have no doubt this organisation would reach greatest heights and contribute to the growth of our speciality. I convey my sincere thanks to all fellow pharmacologists for the confidence in me and bestowing this post. It brings with it enormous responsibility too. With the support of all esteemed pharmacologists, I hope to make a difference.

As a president of this unique organization, I offer my very best compliment and well-wishes to the faculty members, scientists, consultants, residents and experts in pharmacology and therapeutics. Let’s join hand together through this organization to work for raising the status of pharmacology and therapeutics.

Long live NPT

Dr Padmaja Uday Kumar
Professor and Head
Department of Pharmacology
Father Muller Medical College
Kankanady, Mangalore, Karnataka

Message of Secretary

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Dixit

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Dixit General Secretary


Dear friends,

I feel privileged and honoured to be a part of the imagination of a devoted pharmacologist behind the scene. The imagination started a few years back and his devotion, dedication & determination have ultimately carved that image into the real picture. Uniting medical pharmacologists (MD/DNB/DM Clinical pharmacology) on a single largest platform is a novel herculin task. National MD Pharmacology (NMDP) movement started on social media worked as the ignition for this must-needed change.

Pharmacology is an ever-changing branch and one of the most closely associated with therapeutics related to any specialty. Unfortunately, this prime branch remained ignored for so many years due to multiple reasons. Some of the reasons were unstructured undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum focusing more on the theoretical deeper aspects into the molecular level, unnecessary practical exercises, etc. Many thanks to the National Medical Commission (NMC) for updating the curriculum by removing the unnecessary part and focusing on the therapeutic parts in form of competency-based medical education (CBME) curriculum for MBBS and MD.

I would like to thank all esteemed pharmacologists for trusting in me for the post of General Secretary of this reputed organization. The teamwork decides the results and I am sure that the team lead by eminent pharmacologists of this association will show the brightest future throughout the globe. May we all get success in achieving our prime objectives.

Long live NPT

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Dixit
General Secretary
Professor of Pharmacology & Therapeutics
King George’s Medical University Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
Former Principal Autonomous State Medical College Ghazipur Uttar Pradesh India

Message of Vice President

Dr Dinesh K Badyal

Dr. C M Kamaal Founder NPT & National Coordinator


Esteemed Colleagues,

National MD Pharmacology (NMDP) movement was launched on 28 January 2019 on social media. It was concerned with the interests of medical doctors with pharmacology specialty. Started with few members the movement gained enormous momentum with the overwhelming support of senior & reputed pharmacologists from all over the country. With the passage of time, NMDP has grown as a reputed group and established a unique identity among the pharmacology fraternity with academically rich contributions of the members on the NMDP group.

The majority of members of NMDP are heads of departments/senior professors/directors of institutions or senior faculty members working in different medical institutions/research institutions and pharmaceutical industry across the country. Supported by NMDP, ‘National Association of Pharmacology and Therapeutics’ is emerging as most the prestigious national level organization which reflects the voices of medical teachers/experts /consultants/ scientists, researchers, and residents whom we represent.

Today’s pharmacologists specialists are involved in a wide range of activities and contributing actively to the research & development of medical sciences. Listening and valuing the contributions and approaches of our valuable members are critical to us.

I urge you to join these efforts. You will find NPT membership professionally and personally rewarding, as we channel our energies in a positive direction.

​Long live NPT

Dr. C M Kamaal
National Coordinator
Professor and Head
Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
SMMH Govt. Medical College Saharanpur UP